Tweed Row 2021

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This year's annual Tweed Row and picnic is on the 19th September.

Meet in Dock road, Tweedmouth, (TD15 1QY) just before the junction with Sandstel road for 11.00 am.

As the normal route across the dunes has been blocked off to stop trailers or vehicles going onto the grass we shall be launching through the sailing club in Sandstel road, which will have to be done one at a time, but there is plastic grid in the sand to make it easier to get trailers onto the beach. Alternatively I will have a key to enable access via the dunes as normal, but boats will need to be carried from the road if launched this way. The sailing club have also agreed to allow access to their toilets prior to departure. Please use these facilities considerately.

There will be a short briefing at 11.45 to cover the route and other info mainly for those who have not attended before. The plan is to start the trip up river at 12.00 allowing 2 hours to get to Paxton for the picnic at high water. A reminder that this is a row in company. There is no safety boat cover as, from prior years we have found they can be more of a liability in the shallower parts of the river, so please keep an eye out for other boats so we all arrive safely at Paxton. People requiring passes to Paxton, can pick them up at Tweedmouth.

While at Paxton there will be a request for donations to support the event and enable us to pass something on to the supporting organisations such as Paxton House and Berwick Sailing Club.

It has been noticed by some that the 19th September just happens to also be 'International Talk like a pirate day'. It is not encumbent on anyone to saw off a leg , wear a tricorn hat of have a tropical bird perched on their shoulder, but please feel free if it takes your fancy, Jim Lad.

This years event further coincides with the last leg (not sawn off) of the SCRA row round Scotland, so we will hopefully be finishing that event in style with a decent flotilla.

Covid: Despite being outside please be considerate to others when moving around in near proximity, especially prior to launch and while at Paxton. And don't forget your picnic.

If the weather looks too bad for the event to go ahead, a message will be posted before midday on Friday 17th.

See you there,
Paul Ingram

(Originally posted by Paul on the Scottish Coastal Rowing facebook page 4th September 2021)